Franziska Lorenz—
UX Designer

About me.

I am based in Munich, currently working at ExB on an AI / Machine Learning based platform, pushing boundaries of making that technology accessible to everybody.
My involvement in various projects has given me a background for developing design approaches that translate to meaningful user experiences. I am always looking for ways to create simplicity out of complex problems with a focus on user needs and an obsession for detail while thinking about the big picture.
My workflow encompasses skills from basic research to extensive analysis and concept modelling, ideation and creating screen designs along modern design patterns.
Also, I really like to work on design systems, productivity workflows, and collaboration between design and development.

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I was born in the north of Germany, lived in Leipzig for a year, graduated from school and finished my Bachelor in Digital Media at the HfK Bremen. After that I packed up my bags and moved my life to Munich.
Apart from my work, you can find me somewhere in the mountains, hiking with my dog or capturing mesmerising dusks and dawns or beautiful foggy moments with my camera.

Organization fanatic, detail obsessed, mountain lover, hobby photographer, dog mum and pizza aficionado.

This, and my affinity for easy-to-use and valuable interfaces, are the only constants in my life - I love looking for new hobbies. One of my mantras in life is to push myself to limits in both life and career goals, but also try to take it slow. I'm in my mid 20s, maybe the most exciting time of my life, and I try to enjoy it for as long as I can. I like to travel, at least twice a year, in order to free myself from everyday life and to recover.

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Volunteer involvements

UX Teacher
ReDI School of Digital Integration
ReDI School of Digital Integration is a non-profit digital school for tech-interested newcomers in Germany. Our goal is to provide our students with valuable digital skills and a strong network of tech leaders, students and alumni to help create new opportunities for all.
As part of the UX Design class I teach topics like Sketching, Prototyping and Interface Design and helped organising the curriculum that also included the topics Information Architecture, Wireframing, understanding the user (Interviews, Stakeholder Maps, Personas), User journeys, Usability Testing.